Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Changing Lives & Saving Lives

Bumper has arrived and he is even more adorable than we could have imagined. His angelic face is only matched by his tender innocence and delightful personality.  In Bumper's six short months on this earth, he has changed the lives of Maya and her mother, Nina, - they are going Vegan! - thereby saving countless other lives.

We received this email the day after Maya and her father drove Bumper to his new home, here at Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary:

Hi Michelle.
I just wanted to thank you for taking our beloved Bumper. I wasn't able to join my husband and daughter yesterday because we have other mouths to feed here, but I wanted to thank you for all that you do. My daughter was deeply impressed by your sanctuary -- so much so, that she has decided to become a vegetarian. The PETA brochure * (this is the Vegetarian Starter Guide) brought tears to our eyes and she vowed never to eat beef, chicken, fish, eggs or dairy products again. I, too, will try to start by not eating meat. (We'll have to work on my husband.) Anyway, we are comforted knowing that Bumper is in a good, loving, lifelong home. We will miss him. I attached a photo of Maya with Bumper shortly after he was given to us as a "4H Project Steer."

Nina Anthony

>> Bumper's story

If living ethically is important to you, please remember that there is nothing humane about “humane” animal farming, just as there is nothing ethical or defensible about consuming its products. When confronted with the fundamental injustice inherent in all animal agriculture—a system that is predicated on inflicting massive, intentional and unnecessary suffering and death on billions of sentient individuals—the only ethical response is to strive to end it, by becoming vegan, not to regulate it by supporting “improved” methods of producing dairy, eggs, meat, wool, leather, silk, honey, and other animal products. For more information, please read The Humane Farming Myth. Live vegan and educate others to do the same.