Friday, September 01, 2006

New Arrival

Great News!!! This weekend, we will be welcoming the newest member of our PPS family, a six month old steer named Bumper.

Bumper, the 6 month old steer, will be arriving at his new and forever home, PPS, this Saturday.  He was going to be a 4-H project which would have ended with him being sold for slaughter at less than 2 years old.

Thankfully, 12 year old Maya recognized the hypocrisy and betrayal inherent in the 4-H program that would have ended with the violent murder of her beloved friend, Bumper. At Maya’s brave and compassionate insistence, she convinced her parents to help her find a safe and loving home for Bumper to live out his life in peace and with his new big brothers, Sherman and Justice.

We are so proud of Maya and hope that her responsible and courageous act will inspire others to not accept the status quo when they see injustice.  

In 4-H, children are expected to raise, meticulously care for, befriend and love baby animals, then take them to the county fair where they are “judged” and sold to the highest bidder. Children are forced to betray baby animals’ trust, friendship and love. Children are taught to go from nurturing their non-human friends to desensitizing themselves to the suffering of the very same innocent and defenseless animals.

Bumper has been spared the ultimate betrayal and will instead grow up to be a happy, healthy member of the Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary family.
Maya’s epiphany came about as a result of the natural bond she formed with Bumper.  Bumper is an individual who shares his love and joy with Maya, just as a family dog or cat will share their joy, fear, love and sadness with their human families. Billions more cows chickens, pigs, goats, sheep, and other farmed animals have the same capacity for happiness, friendships, and all other emotions. But, since we don’t know them as individuals, we often accept and even pay for and support the atrocities committed to them every time we buy or consume dairy, eggs and meat.

Even though these helpless animals are out of our sight, they must always be in our hearts and minds.  Every day, Every one of us has the complete power to either support the cruelty and murder of cattle like Bumper, his mother, his father, his brothers and sisters…or we can make responsible and brave decisions.  We can defend the animals every time we eat and shop by selecting Vegan food and clothing.

Please help protect individuals like Bumper and all of his farmed animal brothers and sisters who depend on each of us to reject dairy, eggs, meat, leather and other products made from the suffering of innocent animals.

Remember, this means all of the eggs, dairy, and flesh deceptively labeled as “cage-free", "organic", "free-range", etc.  The animals know better and so do we. There is No Such Thing as a ”humanely produced” animal product of any kind. If you would like more information on the appalling reality of “cage-free” and other labels designed to dupe the consumer, or would like further resources for cruelty free living, please contact us or visit our website.

Michele Alley-Grubb

>> Bumper arrives!
If living ethically is important to you, please remember that there is nothing humane about “humane” animal farming, just as there is nothing ethical or defensible about consuming its products. When confronted with the fundamental injustice inherent in all animal agriculture—a system that is predicated on inflicting massive, intentional and unnecessary suffering and death on billions of sentient individuals—the only ethical response is to strive to end it, by becoming vegan, not to regulate it by supporting “improved” methods of producing dairy, eggs, meat, wool, leather, silk, honey, and other animal products. For more information, please read The Humane Farming Myth. Live vegan and educate others to do the same.